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We believe in giving ultimate satisfaction to the customers for it makes them loyal. We are transparent on giving information pertaining to individual warranty of each item we sell.  We guide our customers with these  warranties for the consumer's protection.  Here are some of our policies for warranty of these items.


1) All items that are shipped by Liberty Corporate Solutions have different terms of warranty that are dependent to each manufacturer or maker.  The end user has the right to be informed about it prior to the execution of any business transaction.  If it was not stated prior to any sale, end user could ask Liberty Corporate Solutions, LLC's representative for these info.

2) Items arriving at the customer's receiving area that have apparent form of damage or tampering should be refused by the customer.  The carrier or the shipping company has the responibility on delivering to you the goods in a sound and mint condition.

3) Items that arrived broken should be reported to Liberty Corporate Solutions, LLC immediately for the resolution of the problem.

4) Items to be returned should have an RMA (Return of Merchandize Authorization) number that will be provided by Liberty Corporate Solutions, LLC.  Without this, no credit will be issued.  Policies on returning items do vary for each manufacturer so Liberty Corporate Solutions, LLC will give all the instruction to be followed on returning the items.  Failure to do the given instructions will result to not getting any credit at all.

5)  Expenses in returning items could include freight cost and restocking fees.

6) The determination of giving credit is an absolute call of the manufacturer.  Liberty Corporate Solutions, LLC does not have an absolute influence in these decisions.

7)  Rest assured, Liberty Corporate Solutions, LLC will give the best possible remedy to whatever situation a customer will encounter.

8)  The policy on this page may change any time without prior notice to the end user