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Liberty Corporate Solutions, LLC understands the concern of it's clients pertaining to privacy.  Our company stands behind the upholding of each individuals right to privacy.  Please read the following to  give you an idea on how we protect you.

What information do you collect from visitors?

We usually just get those things that are included in the form you fill up or through ways that you intentionally do with your conscent.

How does your company use these information?

We only use them the way that our customers allow  us to use them.  It usually is to answer a question raised to us.  All these information are being used by us with confidentiality.

Do you disclose these information to outside parties?

We are only using it exclusively.  Our company does not deliberately open your information to any third party individual.

How do I contact you if I have questions?

Use the contact form in the OUR COMPANY page under GENERAL INFO.

These policies could change anytime without prior notice.

As you use our website, you are giving your conscent regarding this privacy policy.